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Personal Brand Bootcamp – January 2015

Personal Brand BootCamp with Career Coach Jen Worried about how your career is developing? Worried about how your professional reputation is coming together? Are you getting passed up for promotions at work? Are you not selling yourself well enough in interviews? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s likely your Personal Brand […]

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Happy Birthday from me to you!

I’m 40 years old today!! Wow! How the time has flown… I stand in awe and look back on the last 40 years with a heart filled with gratitude. It’s with this gratitude, that I want to celebrate my birthday with you. I’m starting another group coaching program next month, so thought what better way […]

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Enjoy life by slowing down

Going too fast? Too much to do? Feel like your head is going to explode with too many things to remember? Sometimes I totally feel like that and then I realize that I need to s-l-o-w… d-o-w-n… and breathe. Trust me, I love to be busy and get a lot of stuff done. I love […]

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Conserving Mental Energy

In a Vanity Fair profile piece from 2012, writer Michael Lewis shared some of President Obama’s productivity habits. One of those habits involved routinizing mundane daily decisions. Since Obama has to make many difficult high-level decisions each day, he doesn’t want to waste his mental energy on smaller decisions. So he puts the mundane choices […]

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The Cover-Letter Secret That’s an Interview Magnet

Content from our resume-writing partner,  Great Resumes Fast: About GreatResumesFast.com Is there a cover letter secret that can guarantee you will get interviews whenever you use it? I know of one magical key you can incorporate into your cover letter that can increase your chances of getting interviews by 50%. Would you like me to share […]

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Power Surges

“Power is like being a lady… if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Margaret Thatcher The original power play manual The authors of Enlightened Office Politics, Michael and Deborah Dobson, write that one of the most important skills in winning political games is understanding the various forms of power and how to […]

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