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Try a Boomerang Letter

The “boomerang letter” is a great way to answer a help-wanted ad or Internet job posting, according to author Jeffrey Fox. Fox explains the concept of the “boomerang letter” in the Q&A interview he did with Quintessential Careers: “Companies spend lots of money and time creating employment ads and running them in the media. Most […]

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‘Tis the Season to Be Searching!

The holidays are approaching and for many, it is a time to celebrate with friends and family and to forget about the woes of work. However, the holidays are the time you should be stepping up your job search. It is the season when companies are thinking about the year ahead, including staffing challenges, and […]

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Why Logic Always Fails You

What part of your life always seems to be on the back burner? Is it a certain relationship? A hobby you’ve always wanted to enjoy? A spiritual pursuit? Do you tell yourself that someday this part of your life will move to the front burner and become a priority? How will that actually happen? Back […]

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