Resume and Cover-Letter Trends: What’s on the Horizon

After examining current trends in resumes, cover letters, and other career-marketing communications, we continue reporting highlights of the Findings of the 2014 Global Career Brainstorming Day from Career Thought Leaders. Today’s selection looks at what’s on the horizon for job-seekers looking to market themselves.


  • Resumes are becoming more mobile; less paper. Documents must be designed for reading on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Social media is affecting resume content. Taglines – from social-media sites – that sell a candidate’s value will become more popular on resumes themselves.
  • The one-page job proposal will replace (or augment) the resume. This unique document is projected to grow in popularity as a way to garner attention and gain competitive distinction. Learn more here about how to create one.
  • Resume content increasingly uses storytelling structures such as CAR (Challenge-Action-Result) that mirror responses to behavioral questions. Achievement statements are being thus enhanced to provide deeper, richer information. See our Accomplishments section.
  • Multimedia tools such as YouTube will be better integrated with LinkedIn. Career experts anticipate better visibility for group platform/interactions, more attractive ways to include content from other websites, subpages to allow for a more modular approach, ways to do more graphically with the profile content, and better design elements/fonts.
  • Understanding of an organization’s culture is important in crafting marketing messages. Government employment will continue to be viewed as a stiffer and more traditional culture; .com companies as more casual and newer, more dynamic cultures. See our article, Uncovering an Employer’s Corporate Culture: A Critical Task. 

Final Thoughts

Download the full report here.

Authored by Dr. Katharine Hansen

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