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Controlling Your Own Schedule

Sometimes people use their job as their blanket excuse for not being in control of their schedule. “Oh… I can’t because I have a job,” is the main reason people give for not being able to do 30-day trials, experience extended travel, and do immersive deep dives. However, during periods without a job, these same […]

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The Most Powerful Question in the World

Embed from Getty Images [embedded content] “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious” Albert Einstein One question has been the source of almost all scientific, creative, and philosophical discovery and progress since the beginning of time. And it happens to be  my favorite question. Just two words: what if? What if we try […]

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PhotoReading Mindfest (Free)

Learning Strategies is hosting a free audio streaming event this week, intended to help you significantly increase your reading speed. It’s called the PhotoReading Mindfest and runs August 15-20, 2016. You can access the Mindfest via your web browser or phone, and each day there’s a new lesson for you to listen to. The first […]

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The Desk Blanket

Embed from Getty Images [embedded content] First, let me apologize to all my beloved female office mates for this post. I work in an elderly building with only periodic climate control. In the summer, we freeze, until the air conditioning stops altogether. Then we pray for relief until it gets fixed.  We vow as we […]

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6 Reasons Your Training Program Isn’t Working

It was late. It was just Joanne, the HR Director; Juan dusting the doors; and I left in the building. The only sounds were the swishing of the sprinklers hitting against the high glass windows. Joanne looked up at me from behind her desk with that exhausted, weary grin that comes from realizing that the […]

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Naked Social Approaches

Here’s a 3-minute video of my friend Fred demonstrating his boundless social courage by approaching people on the street, starting up conversations, and getting some phone numbers – while fully naked. Later in the video you’ll see Shogo participating as well. Fred and Shogo are two of the guys with whom I recorded the Imaginary […]

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